Write Up Your Street

by Shaun Levin
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Neighbourhoods are hives of stories. Suburbs, boroughs, precincts, even a single street are natural framing devices for novels, short stories and character sketches. The creative writing prompts and story ideas on the Write Up Your Street Writing Map will guide you through neighbourhoods past, present and fictional, and suggest ways to develop stories out of the dramas happening right outside your front door.

The Write Up Your Street Writing Map will get you exploring the built landscape, the things that grow in your part of town, litter on the streets, and challenge you to visit parts of town you've not been to before.

The Writing Map is devised and written by Shaun Levin with illustrations by Andy Carter. The A3 map (297x420mm) folds down to A6 (105x148mm, postcard size), and is printed on 120gsm paper in England.