The Description Writing Map

by Shaun Levin
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Precise description makes what you write feel real and vivid, makes it memorable.
These exercises and writing prompts on The Description Writing Map will help you create stories, blog posts, poems, or novels. All writing starts with observation, witnessing an event, remembering a moment that resonates and expands into an anecdote, an imagined situation that moves you to translate it into words.
Close observation and description are a workout! They may not always be easy but they will strengthen your creative ability to write powerful stories that linger in a reader's mind. Like all intense workouts, the challenge to write description will be a source of satisfaction to you as a writer.

The Writing Map is devised and written by Shaun Levin with illustrations by Ricky Butler. The A3 map (297x420mm) folds down to A6 (105x148mm, postcard size), and is printed on 170gsm bond paper in England.

NOTE: Appropriate for writers of all ages.