The Character Map

by Shaun Levin
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How well do you know your characters? Do you know what they believe in, who their first love was, how they listen to music, when they first encountered death? Do you know what they'd think about you? The writing exercises on The Character Map will inspire you to create complex and authentic characters, as well as help you discover new things about the characters in your stories.

The exercises on the Character Map Writing Map will prompt you to explore the soundtrack to your character's life, to look inside their bag and pockets, and to sit with them on a park bench and talk about love.

The Writing Map is devised and written by Shaun Levin with illustrations by Hannah Rowlands. The A3 map (297x420mm) folds into A6 (105x148mm, postcard size), and is printed on recycled paper in England. 

NOTE: Some content not appropriate for writers under 16.