Big Maggie Classroom Questions with Comparative Study

by Amy Farrell
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Updated and Expanded Big Maggie Classroom Questions with Comparative Study

Scene Summaries
158 Classroom Questions
172 Questions on Comparative Modes
101 Questions on Comparing Texts for Comparative Study

This updated and expanded second edition of Scene by Scene’s Big Maggie Classroom Questions with Comparative Study includes scene summaries, points to consider, scene questions and questions for the Comparative Study for Leaving Certificate English. It is an essential resource for English teachers as a companion to the play Big Maggie by John B. Keane.

Designed to save time and lead to rewarding classroom experiences, this guide is broken down by scene to complement the play Big Maggie. This guide provides a range of questions for every stage of teaching the text. The teacher then selects the questions they wish to use.

Classroom Questions guides contain both closed and open questions, exploring student response, opinion and analysis.             

 •    Closed, comprehension questions check students’ understanding and ensure students are on task.           

 •    Open, higher order questions promote thinking and reflection.

Big Maggie Classroom Questions with Comparative Study contains scene summaries of John B. Keane's play. There are also 155 questions, divided by scene, to keep students engaged and actively thinking about the play. An additional 245 questions explore the Comparative Study Modes:

General Vision and Viewpoint
Cultural Context/Social Setting
Literary Genre
Theme/Issue - Relationships
Hero, Heroine, Villain
The Comparative Study: Comparing Texts 

Scene by Scene Classroom Questions teaching guides keep students focused on the text and encourage lively classroom discussions.

Scene Summaries
Scene Questions
Points to Consider
Further Questions
Comparative Study Mode Questions:Theme/Issue (HL)/Relationships (OL)
Comparative Study Mode Questions: Cultural Context (HL)/Social Setting (OL)
Comparative Study Mode Questions: Literary Genre (HL)
Comparative Study Mode Questions: General Vision and Viewpoint (HL)
Comparative Study Mode Questions: Hero, Heroine, Villain (OL)
The Comparative Study: Comparing Texts