A Dolls House Study Guide 2020

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A Doll's House Study Guide 2020


Write better answers for the Comparative Study with the help of this companion guide to ‘A Doll's House’.  Crack the Comparative with these clear, detailed notes and key moment analysis to help you achieve exam success. 

This book is a study guide for Leaving Certificate English students sitting their exam in 2020. It provides notes for the Comparative Study of A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.

There are notes and analysis of key moments for Cultural Context/Social Setting, Literary Genre, Theme/Issue (Relationships) and Hero, Heroine, Villain.

Understand how the Comparative Study Modes apply to 'A Doll's House'
Notes on Cultural Context/Social Setting
Literary Genre
Theme/Issue - Relationships
Hero,Heroine, Villain
Notes on Key Moments for each Mode

Table of Contents

Understanding the Mode - Cultural Context/Social Setting 2

Notes on Cultural Context/Social Setting 3

Cultural Context/Social Setting - Key Moments 6

Opening Scene 6

Mrs Linde’s Arrival 7

Krogstad Threatens Nora 7

Torvald Refuses to Employ Krogstad 8

Torvald Learns of Nora’s Crime 9

Nora Leaves 10

Understanding the Mode - Literary Genre 12

Notes on Literary Genre 14

Literary Genre - Key Moments 17

Opening Scene 17

Mrs Linde Arrives and Speaks with Nora 17

Krogstad Threatens Nora 18

Krogstad’s Letter 19

Torvald Discovers Nora’s Crime 19

The Ending 20

Understanding the Mode - Theme/Issue – Relationships 21

Notes on Theme/Issue - Relationships 22

Theme/Issue - Relationships - Key Moments 25

Opening Scene 25

Krogstad Threatens Nora 25

Dr Rank Confesses His Love for Nora 26

Krogstad Comes to Speak to Mrs Linde 27

Torvald’s Reaction to Nora’s Crime 28

Nora Leaves 29

Understanding the Mode - Hero/Heroine/Villain (OL) 31

Notes on Hero, Heroine, Villain (OL) 32

Hero, Heroine, Villain Key Moments 33

Opening Scene 33

Meeting Mrs Linde 34

Playing Hide & Seek With the Children 35

Standing up to Krogstad 35

Belief in Torvald Dashed - A Moment of Epiphany 36

Nora Leaves 37