Scene by Scene Classroom Questions and Comparative Study Guides

Classroom Questions for Junior and Senior Cycle

Scene by Scene Classroom Questions guides are books of questions for English teachers and students. These resources are designed to save time and lead to rewarding classroom experiences at both Junior and Leaving Cert level. 

Our guides are broken down by scene or chapter to complement the text they accompany. Teachers choose questions for homework, verbal or written classwork, to check on independent reading and study, or to underline and stress certain aspects of the text in class. You have the question you want when you need it!

Scene by Scene Classroom Questions teaching guides keep students focused on the text, encourage lively classroom discussions, and save teachers time.

Classroom Questions with Comparative Study

Scene by Scene have enhanced our range of Classroom Questions guides to include questions on the Comparative Study. Each of these guides includes:

  • Scene/Chapter Summaries
  • Scene/Chapter Questions
  • Further Questions
  • Comparative Study Mode Questions:Theme/Issue (HL)/Relationships (OL)
  • Comparative Study Mode Questions: Cultural Context (HL)/Social Setting (OL)
  • Comparative Study Mode Questions: Literary Genre (HL)
  • Comparative Study Mode Questions: General Vision and Viewpoint (HL)
  • Comparative Study Mode Questions: Hero, Heroine, Villain (OL)
  • The Comparative Study: Comparing Texts

These expanded and updated Classroom Questions guides replace the Scene by Scene Comparative Study Workbooks.

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