Book Review: In Deep Water by Sam Blake

In Deep Water is the second instalment in Sam Blake’s bestselling crime thriller series starring Cat Connolly – talented young Garda Detective and kick-boxing champion.

The story begins several months after the events of Little Bones. Cat Connolly is back at work, and back training, though still recovering from the explosion that almost took her life, when she is catapulted right back into the centre of the action once again.

In Deep Water is fast-paced and exciting, taking place during the short time Cat has to find Sarah Jane, making it tense to the very end.

Blake weaves the story together expertly as things begin to come into focus, and with numerous twists and turns along the way, I found it difficult to put down.

Cat is an incredibly worthy heroine; intelligent, gutsy and determined, she has risen to the top in a workplace where under 20% of the workforce are female.

Blake certainly doesn’t fall into the trap of believing a tough, strong character must also be stoic and humourless. Cat is made ever more believable due to her warmth, passion and devotion to her friends and family.

Blake is honest in showing Cathy’s struggles with PTSD after the events of the last book, adding depth to her character.

I hadn’t read the first novel in the Cat Connolly series, however this did not detract from my enjoyment of In Deep Water in the slightest, as the reader is quickly caught up to the events of the last book, as well as the personalities of the different characters at the beginning of the novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed In Deep Water. It is everything I want in a crime thriller; an immersing story, a unique protagonist and a gripping conclusion.

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